The 14th Annual Valpo Bowl

Last Friday night, the Menlo Knights and our SHP Gators faced off in the 14th Valpo Bowl. Coming off a four year Valpo win streak, the Gators were unable to hold off Menlo and offensive coordinator Jason Ward’s explosive offense. Sacred Heart took an early lead on a four yard touchdown run by Isoa Moimoi in the first quarter. Heading into half time the game was tied 7-7 following a Menlo score late in the second quarter. The Knights put up a quick ten points in the third quarter and another fourteen in the fourth, outscoring the Gators 24-7 in the second half, the Gator’s only score coming on a ten yard Brad Yaffe touchdown run. The Knights finished with a 31-14 victory and reclaimed the Valpo Cup after a four year drought. This loss has set the overall record to an even seven wins to seven wins. However, with our Gator’s JV taking home victory in a 48-0 beat down, our future chances only look better and hopefully the cup will be ours next year.



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